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About Us


Aybey Elektronik was founded in 1993 to produce lift control systems. The company specialized in lift applications. Aybey designed and produced  almost any electronic devices and systems related to the lift applications. Aybey manufactures contactorless (STO) integrated lift control system, lift controller boards, contactorless motor driver, control panels, emergency rescue system,  prewired system, operating panels, filter, magnet switches, access control systems and announce system.

R&D has always been the indispensable part of Aybey Elektronik. The importance devoted to the R&D ensured for Aybey Elektronik to satisfy the requests and needs of the market and lift regulations continuously. Thanks to R&D, Aybey Elektronik has accomplished to provide innovative designs through the years.

Aybey Elektronik aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level through its after- sales support. Experienced after sales technical staff can be reached by phone and e-mail all the time. If required Aybey Elektronik also provides on-site technical support.

Aybey Elektronik has a sister company in Germany Bochum, AYBEY ELEKTRONIK GmbH, the company was founded in 2016.

Due to our specialization in lift business, we are dedicated to keep our customer´s satisfaction, the product quality and the customer support on a high level by a further development.

With our kind regards…