Aybey Elektronik was established in 1993 as a manufacturer of lift control systems. The firm first started production with
relay based lift control panels.

First important design of Aybey Elektronik was KPM series electronic floor selectors to substitute mechanical floor selectors.
The design of KPM series floor selectors was revolutionary at that time and the product gained great acceptance.

In 1997 Aybey launched its first microprocessor based electronic controller series, LC series.

In 1999 Aybey started the production of pushbuttons and panels for lift.

In 2000, SWLINE series lift controllers were launched. SWLINE brought a number of very important new features such as serial communication with shaft, remote control, real time clock, fault memory and group operation of 8-lifts, at that time.

In 2001 Aybey designed a compact lift controller board AX for simple lift applications. It has gained great acceptance in Turkey and then in Middle East. Its production has been continuing since 2001.

In 2003 Aybey Elektronik Quality Management System was certified by IS0 9001:2000 standard.

In 2004 European lift norms were accepted by Turkey and Aybey Elektronik developed SWLINE-C series in conformity with the lift standards EN81-1 and EN81-2. SWLINE-C was the first controller series designed by Aybey with CE certificate. With SWLINE-C series internet communication has started to be used instead of dial-up modems as in SWLINE series. And RS485 based shaft communication has been substituted by industrial network standard CAN-bus.

In September 2007, Aybey moved to its new factory in Tuzla / Istanbul, which has a total closed area of 10.000 sq.m . Aybey still keeps on its operation in this address.

In 2007, Aybey started to produce complete shaft prewiring. This facility helps the installers to finish installations in shorter time without having any connection troubles. Prewiring also allowed Aybey to supply complete electrical equipment package for lift.

In 2010, Aybey Elektronik started to produce AC series lift control systems which cover all the requirements of the standards in a single control board. AC series has been developed as a very powerful and modular lift controller series. When a simple lift controller system is needed, a single mainboard is generally sufficient for the application. However any demand for additional lift features can be easily fulfilled by adding specific function boards. So the controller board can be configured according to the needs. Therefore this makes it compatible with almost all types of lift applications. AC series also supports EN 81-1/2 +A3 norms without requiring any additional hardware.

Aybey has developed very attractive products as panels and displays in last years. Thanks to wide products spectrum, Aybey offers lots of different LCD and LED displays with serial and parallel interfaces. Touch panel screens and glass panels are latest developments in this branch.

Aybey Elektronik is also official Turkish distributor of Xinda gearless machines.

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