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ALC Series Lift Control System is designed for the specific requirements of the new EN81-20 / 50 standard for hydraulic and electric lifts. Supporting a wide range of lift applications for as many as 64 floors, ALC utilizes smart electronic units which communicate via CAN BUS in the overall lift system. The system is equipped with three CAN ports to provide flexibility in CAN-unit connections. The car- controller communication is a fault tolerant CAN which makes it more robust against electronic disturbances of any kind in the connection.

ALC system can support parallel and serial communications for landing panels and group operations for up to 8 lifts. Various function boards in the system ensure specific functions as well as an increased flexibility. In addition, the system comes with an integrated lift access control system and VIP travel facilities within its software which restrict lift usage.

ALC series also has advanced data communication facilities like Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth interfaces. These features make it possible for the user to conveniently edit parameters in the controller, or to observe lift motion by a computer or a smart mobile device, either locally or via the internet.